What is A Relationship Crisis and How To Deal With It

When the courtship period is replaced by the decision to live together when you share sleep, breakfast, and a common budget every day, it's time to enjoy the long-awaited happiness. But more often during this period, the couples encounter their first relationship crisis, which sometimes they can't deal with. According to statistics, in the first year of life together, most couples fall apart. Bebemur.com knows how to overcome disagreements, restore understanding and sensitivity in the relationship.

Accept Reality As It Is

The first and sometimes not the easiest step is to realize that you do have a problem. We often idealize our partner, especially at the beginning of the relationship. However, your mate is a living person who reveals himself/herself gradually in the relationship, and you get to know more and more facets of his/her personality. You may be unhappy with his/her behavior, attitude towards your hobbies, and just the fact that his/her opinion differs from yours on many points. However, it's crucial to remember that it's still the same person you once met and fell in love with, and this stage of getting to know each other and you have to get over it.

Learn to Talk About Yourself and Hear Your Partner

When emotions run high, it's tough to stop your own monologue. Determine a time when you talk about yourself and pass the opportunity to speak to the other, such as two minutes each. Focus not on blaming the other person but on how you felt at the time of the incident. Remember, it's not the method to overcome the crisis that plays a leading role, but a strong desire to save your marriage.

Fall Asleep Together Whatever Happened

Never leave your home no matter how much you fight and what the reason for the conflict is. Most of us are emotional and under the influence of anger are ready to pack up and leave. Emotions run high, and it seems that the decision we have made now is reasonable and appropriate. Demonstratively packing your suitcase and slamming the door loudly is nothing more than a desire to punish and hurt the other person for the pain you are experiencing. There is often no real intention to break up the relationship but a desire to make the other person feel guilty. So you should only pack your luggage and leave if you don't intend to go back.

Think of Your Hobbies

Shared life often takes all the time, and we don't have it for ourselves. We relegate to the second place those activities that used to fill us with energy, which we were happy to share with our partner. Living together doesn't mean spending all the time together. After all, the number of hours spent together doesn't imply their quality. Fill yourself with new emotions, learn something new and give that joy to your loved one — there's a lot more energy to life than spending every evening silently in front of the TV screen, but together. Shifting physically and emotionally will help you look at your couple's situation from a different angle.

Reflect on Your Mistakes

It's not easy to keep a cool head in a crisis — resentments pile up like a snowball. Still, try to analyze and understand: “What is going on? What could have been prevented? How can it be fixed?” Well, if you come to a professional psychologist, it may reduce the cascade of emotions, ask the right questions and understand precisely the cause of the difficulties and what you have to work on.

The bottom line is not to hope for a miracle and wait until somebody does this hard work for you. Unfortunately, couples who trust chance fall apart. So, be patient and wise to build a strong and lasting relationship.

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