Jedi Shadow Builds (updated for patch 1.3)

Jedi Consulars in SWTOR can become one of two advanced classes at level 10, a Sage (Healer / DPS Class) or a Shadow (DPS / Tank class). The Shadow uses a double-bladed lightsaber for defence and DPS. Shadows have three trees to choose talents from: Balance (DPS tree), Kinetic Combat (Tank tree) and Infiltration (a shared DPS tree shared with the Sage Class).

Below I will list the best shadow builds to use for your Jedi Consular so you do not have to waste valuble play time figuring out what shadow builds work :)

If you wish to submit a shadow build please email it to [email protected]. When you email in your spec please have a link to your build, clearly list what it is for and any other relevant information I should know about this shadow build.


Changes made to the Jedi Shadow class in patch 1.3:

•Project has an updated visual effect and now deals its damage earlier to bring it in line with the Inquisitor's "Shock" ability.

•Shadow Strike now displays the correct error message if this ability is used while player is not behind the target.
•Combat Technique now generates 100% additional threat while active. The healing generated by this ability has been reduced by approximately 50%. Its armor bonus has been reduced to 115% (down from 150%).
•Force Breach (Combat Technique) now generates a high amount of threat.
•Spinning Kick now costs 20 Force.
•Battle Readiness now increases the damage and healing dealt by all Techniques by 100% for 15 seconds.

Kinetic Combat
•Slow Time no longer damages a sleeping, lifted, or incapacitated enemy unless it is the primary target.
•Harnessed Shadows: The healing generated by Telekinetic Throw has been reduced to 8% total (down from 12%).

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Kinetic Combat Builds (Tanking Builds, updated for 1.3)

Shadow builds that focus on the Kinetic Combat tree(Shadow tanking builds).

31/0/10 - Main Shadow Tanking Build

Shadow Tanking Build


Infiltration Specialist Builds

5/33/3 Assassin DPS Infiltration Build (armor peircing) - This spec does the most damage of any shadow specs.

jedi shadow infiltration build

2/31/8 PVE Infiltration Squishy Killer Build - This is a high Assassin DPS Build for use against squishy targets. On most fights the above build will do more dps.

5/33/3 Sith Assassin PVP Infiltration Build - This Infiltration spec is the main PVP spec most are using at this point.


Balance Builds(updated for 1.3)

Shadow Builds that focus on the Balance (DPS tree) will be listed here.

7/3/31 Sith Assassin Balance PVE Build

Hybrid Builds(updated for 1.3)

18/23/0 Shadow Hybrid Backstab High Regeneration PVP Build


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